BioSig identity validation

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BioSig identity validation
by System Administrator - Friday, September 5, 2014, 12:09 PM

Many of our classes have an informational block of text and links to inform the student that we use BioSig identity validation technology.  'Blended classes' do not use BioSig because the Moodle class is used by the professor to provide resources to a 'brick and mortar' class or to simplify assignment submissions.    

Please do not mistake this advisory / informative text for the link to create your BioSig user identification. 

The first time you see the distinctive 'BSI' graphic / logo is when you will create your personal password.  On second and subsequent occurrences of the logo, you will be prompted to use the password you created.  The professor will reveal the BioSig related activities when it is appropriate in the progression of the class.