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New Student Orientation Class

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New Student Orientation Class
by System Administrator - Monday, January 28, 2013, 9:52 AM

We have a 'new student' orientation class available.  This is intended for students who will be attending classes on campus.  It informs the class participants about the physical  campus, resources in the Kellar Library, and expectations of student behavior.  It may be of interest to students in our free on-line course, but it is only required for degree seeking students.  

It is a 'self enrolled' class.  This means that if you enroll yourself in the class, only the participants of the class know that you have joined the class.  Non-degree seeking students who have enrolled in the class are free to 'un-enroll' at any time.  When you are in the 'New Student Orientation' class, there will be an option on the left side of the screen to 'Un-enroll me'.