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Moodle Usernames are not Email Addresses

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Moodle Usernames are not Email Addresses
by System Administrator - Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 6:50 PM

It seems that the most frequent error most people encounter trying to access our Distance Education classes is that they forget their Moodle Username is NOT their email address.

Email addresses for accounts hosted at are in the form -, where "fname" is your commonly used first name and "lname" is your surname (family name).

Recently assigned (last 12 months or so) Moodle usernames are in the form (all lowercase) "fnamelname" - no periods, no spaces, just your first and last name run together.  Older Moodle usernames may only use the first inital of your first name.  People with those usernames seem to have gotten the hang of signing into Moodle by now.