The imperative of the Great Commission is that we make disciples. We are in a discipleship crisis in most churches with little idea of intentionally making disciples who can then go and do the same. One of the problems is that Christian growth and mission are not sustainable without a culture of reproducible discipleship. This course will explore how to make disciples who can themselves make disciples and its paradigm in the context of the local church—both practically and missionally.

This course will examine biblical principles and experiential learning theories related to the overall philosophy and practice of disciple-making within Christian ministries and personal spiritual growth. Special attention is given to theological reflections and skills needed for developing personal faith and strategies for disciple-making through the study of selected spiritual disciplines such as Bible Study, Prayer, and Worship. Additional focus will be given to both classical and contemporary literature regarding discipleship and disciple-making. We will study the philosophy and methodology of disciple-making development based on selected Old Testament and New Testament passages.