This course will be a repository of information for Moodle functions and thoughts.

Procedures for various Moodle functions will be stored here, as will ideas and Moodle-related information that might be useful.

This will be an evolving site, intended to create a tool to make us better Moodlers and to give us a common resource.

If you have questions, suggestions, ideas, or complaints about this particular "course", please contact me, Melina Baker, in the Business Office or by email at

This is a class for student writing assignment review and feedback.

Something to play with - try out things - without affecting the real classes.

Trying an update

This is a REQUIRED class, especially for all new students.  You will need your 'username' and 'password' to

(1)Sign into Moodle, and

(2)'Self Enrol' to get into the class by clicking the 'Enrol me' link below..

If you are not 'new' you may take the class for your personal enjoyment.  

If you do not take the required QUIZ, the hound Cerberus will be unleashed to track you down and slobber on you until you take the QUIZ.